Healthy Choices

An old acquaintance of mine recently posted an article on Facebook lamenting the effects of insurance on the quality of health care doctors provide.  Using the analogy of a restaurant, the article explains how it is that medical care quality has plummeted, and why doctors are caught in the ugly middle-ground between unhappy clients and unhelpful insurance providers.  

What are the alternatives, though?  Would you go for an option like this?  If you knew up front what your costs would be for the visit  This option makes a lot of sense for people who are basically healthy and only require intermittent health care. Employers could save a fortune on the premiums they pay on employees behalf – which many are passing on directly to their employees because of skyrocketing prices.  

The problem is that it creates a dual-system.  Healthy people get relatively inexpensive medical care.  People with serious illnesses, diseases, or major injuries would likely still need to rely on insurance programs to cover their costs, and the costs of that insurance would undoubtedly jump if there weren’t healthy people paying in premiums every month to help offset the costs.
But I wonder if the costs of major illnesses and injuries couldn’t be dramatically lowered through a similar system?  There has to be a better solution to the health-care cost crisis than our current insurance methods.  I’m thrilled that doctors are beginning to work towards that on their own.

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