Stirred, Not Shaken

We’ve lived in California for six years now (as of July 4th).  In that time, there have been lots of earthquakes, but only one that I’ve really noticed.  That was several years ago in a large parking structure (the Disneyland parking structure, actually!).  That time, the car rocked as though the kids were romping around in the back seat.  I told them to calm down, then realized they weren’t in the car yet.  We hurriedly left the parking structure.  

This morning we had a more surprising earthquake experience.

I was wrapping up getting dressed for work this morning, about 7:45 AM, when the whole house shuddered as though it had been struck by something.  The noise was loud, and seemed loudest from upstairs.  I ran upstairs, praying that the bunk bed hadn’t somehow collapsed, and knowing that even if that had happened, it wouldn’t have made as big a noise as what we heard.  Everything was OK upstairs, though the kids were a little uneasy from the big noise.
Sure enough, scanning for news at work, the first reports started showing up around 8:30 AM.  There was an earthquake about 100 miles off-shore from Santa Barbara.  It was 4.6 on the Richter scale, but doesn’t appear to have caused any damage.  I was surprised with the briefness of it all.  There were no precursor rattlings or shakings that I noticed (and granted, I wasn’t fully awake yet).  Just a single, loud rattling that thundered through the whole house.   It was over about as quickly as it started.
I’m grateful that there doesn’t appear to be damage to the house.  Perhaps just as unsettling was to see in the newsfeed several other earthquakes that have struck the state recently that I hadn’t been aware of.  A good reminder of where we live and the particular danger we face here.  I’ll still take earthquakes over tornadoes or hurricanes, but I will probably change my mind pretty quickly if a big one ever strikes here.

4 Responses to “Stirred, Not Shaken”

  1. Lois Says:

    When they’re short and sharp like that, it means they are (relatively) shallow. This one was about 8 km (3 or 4 miles?) deep and only 5 km off of Isla Vista. It was little, though, about 4.6 to 4.8. There have already been 2 aftershocks of 2.6 (I never even feel those under 3.0). The deep, rolling ones are more fun, but also more likely to knock books off the shelves.

  2. Paul Nelson Says:

    Note to self – glue books down to bookshelf tomorrow.

  3. Dianne Says:

    I thought about you all and said a prayer for your well being when I heard on the radio that Santa Barbara had an earthquake! Yes, not only glue the books but glue the bookshelves which is what I need to do.

  4. Paul Nelson Says:

    I should be able to finish gluing the furniture down sometime around 2019! 

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