New Recovery Group

I’m seriously considering starting a recovery group for people who believe in God but have had awful experiences in congregations.  

It seems like every time I turn around, I’m running into someone sharing that they believe in God but don’t go to church, following this up with some horror story or another about insensitivity or callousness or flat-out rejection by churches or individual Christians.  People who have had life-long friends call them up to tell them they can no longer be friends with them because they are born-again Christians and can’t associate with anyone else who isn’t.  Stuff that boggles my mind.  
Granted, there are a lot of times when sensitivity levels are already heightened, and a comment or lack of a comment that might otherwise be small potatoes becomes the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  But I just wonder how many folks there are out there who have been, should be, and could be part of Christian community, but have sworn it off because of how they have been treated or mistreated in Christian community.
And I wonder if, with a caring environment, those folks might be brought to a place of healing where they are willing (albeit reluctantly, no doubt) to re-enter Christian community?  I sure hope so.  Would you go to a group like this?  Do you know people who would?  

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