Unfairness at the Fair

Or more accurately unfairness at Disneyworld.  For those of you who aren’t aware, it was revealed in the past couple of weeks that people with a lot of money are able to bypass the lines at Disneyworld by hiring disabled persons to accompany them on their trip to the Magic Kingdom.  These disabled ‘guides’ benefit from the fact that Disneyworld allows disabled people to bring up to six family members (or guests – the article above simply says guests, but other articles seemed to imply they had to be family members)  to a special entrance for the ride (or queue, for our international readers) that bypasses the normal line and often provides much faster access to the ride.  

In other words, life is not fair and if you have a lot of money you can benefit in lots of ways that the rest of us can’t.  Which has shocked a whole lot of people.  Never mind that Disney itself sells passes that  allow people with more money (and not necessarily disabilities) to get through lines faster.  So what’s the big deal?  That it’s not an officially sanctioned methodology?  That it involves disabled people?  That it capitalizes on the park’s efforts to be kind to people with disabilities?
My only concern is whether there is active dishonesty at play.  Do they have to lie about the nature of their relationship to one another to obtain a pass or get preferential treatment?  Are the guides truly disabled, or are they faking it with counterfeit placards?   And on the other hand, should disabled people and their guests/family get on rides more quickly and more often simply by virtue of their disabled status?  
Am I being a complete jerk, or is there not really a problem with this whole arrangement (again, assuming that people are not lying in any way in order to qualify for the treatment)?  Is it fair?  I suppose that depends on how you define fair.   It depends on whether or not you assume that the perks that the rich enjoy in many other aspects of their lives shouldn’t apply in a place that you and I are able to go as well.  Do we only suffer the rich to spend their money in ways that don’t impact us directly?  That’s an interesting thought.  Are people outraged that Disney is selling its own form of this sort of treatment?  If they are, I haven’t heard about it.  
When you go to Disneyworld or Land or whatever, you expect to wait in line.  And frankly, I expect that there will be people who wait less than I do because they can afford a nicer pass – just like there are people who can spend more days there, or lodge in the park itself, because they have more money than I do.  I can choose not to go there if I can’t handle that reality.  Or I can try not to think about it and let it make me angry and ruin my time while I’m there wondering if somebody else is getting a better deal than I am.  
Life isn’t fair.  Not even at Disneyland.

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