Big Pharma?

With the release of the latest addition of the DSM-5, there is a growing concern that we are attempting to overly-regulate everyone into a very narrow band of behavior.  Given the magical promises behind every new pill, and some of the close relationships between those who contribute to this manual and the pharmaceutical industry, there are big dollars at stake, and big opportunities.  In the meantime, every eccentricity is looked at askance by parents and teachers and others who expect that there should be nothing unusual in anyone’s disposition or behavior.

Some of those beginning to doubt the practice (let alone the effectiveness) of attempting to medicate normality (whatever that is) point to interesting tidbits like this for their rationale.  I haven’t verified whether the aforementioned article is accurate in its claim, but it makes for fascinating reading.
There are a lot of people with very real problems that require very real help in a variety of ways, up to and including medication.  Those people should definitely get the help they need.  But there are a lot of people that are being misled into thinking they need help with things that aren’t necessarily problems at all.  More dangerously yet, we’re culturally being led into an arena where we are less and less tolerant of and more and more suspicious of those who don’t act just like us.  This strikes me as dangerous.  

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