Reading Update

I’m closing in on the end of a C.S. Lewis book on miracles.  It’s a short book, but following the philosophical footsteps requires some re-reading and slow going.  I have to go home and double-check the title, as I’m not sure that this is the same book as the one you can find on Amazon called Miracles.  I suspect that it is, it’s just that the copy I have is probably 50 years old.  

It’s a philosophical defense of miracles.  Are miracles a philosophical possibility, or should we assume that they are impossible based both on philosophy and on our understanding of the natural world?  Lewis is certainly arguing that miracles are a logical possibility, and tries to deal with some of the most obvious arguments against them.  Definitely a good read, and despite the philosophical approach, a fairly accessible read.  Lewis is trying to write for ordinary folks, not academics.
I want to put together a class on Christianity and Ethics, and just received my order from CPH  – Natural Law: A Lutheran Reappraisal.  Hopefully I can get this read pretty quickly to determine if it could form a helpful basis for a discussion of what the Christian faith contributes to ethics as applied to a variety of specific issues.  
What are you reading that you would recommend to others?

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