I’m Not OK, and Turns Out, Neither Are You

At least this is what the professionals would have us believe.

I have no doubt that modern psychology and psychiatry offer some very beneficial tools for helping people.  But I also tend to think that these sciences have mushroomed.  What is normal, after all?  And if everyone is abnormal, what does this say about our concepts of normality?  
The upcoming release of the latest (5th) edition of the now-monumental Diagnostic and Statistical Manual – aka the Bible of psychiatry – indicates that pretty much everyone suffers from psychiatric disorders of one sort or another.  The previous edition determined that 50% of all Americans will suffer from a diagnosable psychiatric condition in their lifetime.  I imagine that the new edition will only increase that statistic.  Not that 50% of the population will actually get diagnosed, but they could. 
Sure is interesting for a variety of industries, such as the insurance industry, and the pharmaceutical industry, not to mention the psychiatric industry.  
So, while I pray and hope that y’all are doing OK, apparently you likely aren’t (whether you know it or not).  Because I’m certainly normal.  

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