When the Saints Go Marching In

How I long, to be in that number…

But as an introvert, I realize at times that this is the last thing I want.  I want some space when I go marching in.  A few family and friends.  Close, but not too close.  
So the reading for Palm Sunday’s Gospel is a little challenging in some ways, as Jesus makes his way into Jerusalem for the final time, accompanied by a crowd of other people.  Having just been to the Holy Land last year and walked down the Mount of Olives myself, I’m reminded of my distaste for crowds.  It’s a curious thing to remember.  Sobering in light of the fact that the crowds we encountered in mid-November are nothing like the crowds gathering in the Holy Land right now, preparing for Holy Week.  
This was, at one point, the extent of the crowds around us:
And I was still annoyed.  
There is still so much in this heart to be changed and softened.  I am grateful for the time of Lent to prepare me for Holy Week.  Hosanna!

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