Church Is Not the Christian Life

I wonder what people would say if I started telling them to quit coming to church?

Granted, that’s somewhat of a career-killing idea, and no it certainly isn’t Biblical.  But I wonder if it might not be a helpful tack to take for a period of time.  I wonder if church might not actually become more relevant, to utilize an overused and underthought term, by backing out of the picture for a few years.  
Conversation in many congregational circles focuses more on how do we get more people to come to church? and less on how do we create disciples of Jesus for whom coming to church is a given?  In other words, in mainstream American Christianity, would most people describe the Christian life as believing in Jesus and going to church on Sunday, and does this match the Biblical description of a Christian?  By focusing so much (at least lately) on how to get more people into church, is the Church failing to create disciples of Jesus with a faith that permeates every aspect of their lives, rather than just how they spend Sunday mornings?
The Christian life consists of so many aspects rather than just coming to church on Sunday morning.  Church should be the place that helps the Christian to live that Christian life, the place that recharges, educates, and gives them the blessings of Jesus in Word and Sacrament so that they can live the Christian life in a culture that directly contradicts it.  
I wonder how many people experience church that way, and I wonder if that is a problem with their church, with how they have been formed as Christians and the resulting expectations they have of church, or a combination of both?  I wonder if weekly worship were taken out of the equation, if people would appreciate it more, or better understand its function?

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