There is a buzz about Lance Armstrong’s predicted admission of doping.  In other words, for years and years, while he won praise and accolades, he was illegally utilizing performance enhancing drugs to give him a competitive edge.  He has denied such allegations from the start, even as he continued them.  He was stripped of his wins retroactively last year, yet maintained his innocence.  

Two different perspectives on this.  The first is an article in the Wall Street Journal.  The implications of this article are troubling.  The article spends the most time regarding one of Armstrong’s motivations for coming clean (so to speak) – he wants to compete again, this time in tri-athalons.  The article hints at monetary problems.  How prominent either of these things actually is as a motivation for Armstrong isn’t clear even in this article, but the article spends some time talking about them rather than other possible motivations.  If there is a moral guilt, a recognition of wrongdoing, the article downplays it.  I suppose we’ll know more when his interview with Oprah is aired.
A Christian perspective on this can be found in this blog, which a colleague on Facebook shared today.  
The blog does a good job at reminding us that we all fall short of God’s expectations.  What it can easily sound like it’s doing though, is thereby reducing the devastation of sin.  If we all sin, but some of us get caught at it and others don’t, it might be easy to begin taking an easy view of sin.  This is just how we are and a loving God understands that.  He sent Jesus to save me.  Why stress?
I know this wasn’t the author’s intent, but it was my own (sinful) spin off of it.  What I find more telling is that I am angered by Armstrong’s selfishness even in admitting to his crimes.  I want to say that this makes him worse – I want to justify the kind of comparison that the blog author rightfully points out as being no good to a Christian.
What I need to recognize is that each Christian has sins that they may not be aware of, but more accurately are aware of and really have no intention of letting go of.  We talk about confession in general terms, but we know even as we confess that we will sin again in certain ways because we want to.  This is deadly stuff.  

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