Restoring Faith in Humanity…

one lawsuit at a time.

Please, tell me you aren’t surprised by this.  Disgusted?  Check.  Surprised.  *sigh*

4 Responses to “Restoring Faith in Humanity…”

  1. Dianne Says:

    Surprised? I had not recovered from the sadness to think what may happen. Now that I heard it on the news, I’m not surprised. Disgusted? Totally! I pray this is the end of law suites; however, I’m wondering if this is just the beginning. Happy New Year!

  2. Paul Nelson Says:

    I find the attempt to disguise this lawsuit as some sort of philanthropic effort to be the most disgusting.  How is divesting the school system of $100 million dollars going to improve security?  Are the monies that might be won in this lawsuit going to be donated back to the state of Connecticut to fund changes in security?  Somehow I doubt it.

    And what sorts of security changes might those be, anyways?  There’s an adage in security whether physical or digital that says you are not going to be able to stop someone who is totally committed from breaching security efforts.  All security efforts work on a trade-off – what it costs to deter most of the people who might be inclined to try and damage or steal from you, versus the value of what it is you are trying to protect.  Security deters.  It may deter many people, but it won’t deter everyone.  Given that school systems are already being squeezed dry through repeated budget cuts, where is the money for heightened security going to come from?  What areas of state and local governments are flush with cash that can be readily borrowed or reallocated?  Few, I warrant.

    All of this once again misses the point.  Guns per se are not the issue.  Security procedures per se are not the issue.  The issue is that people are sick, and it seems that more and more of them are willing to act out their sickness.  We are at best addressing symptoms still, not the cause.  As with most such courses of treatment, the cures for specific symptoms more than likely enable other side effects that are just as bad (if not worse) than the symptoms being treated.  

    Happy New Year!

  3. Lois Says:

    “It’s about living in a world that’s safe,” Yeah, only we don’t live in that world and this world will never be safe. It does seem that six years old is too young to learn this lesson. $100 million won’t reverse the damage done to that little survivor, or any of the other kids (or adults).

  4. Paul Nelson Says:

    No, it’s not a safe world, which means folks like this particular lawyer will always have the opportunity to make some money.  

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