Friday Fragments

Rather than a single unified theme today, here is a collection of stories I found interesting while trolling for blog-fodder this morning.

  • Here is a cool visualization of the evolution of IRS form 1040.  No, it hasn’t gotten any easier.
  • While I prefer the historicity of the real Monopoly game, it’s interesting to see how the basic board data can be reduced to largely colors and symbols.  
  • Living long and prospering (at least in terms of our health) may yet be in the realm of science fiction, according to this infographic and article.
  • Do you believe in global warming?  Apparently more of you do.  Is your beef (if you have one) with global warming as a phenomenon, or the alleged reasons for global warming?  This article makes a big deal of the fact that more people think that global warming is a real thing.  Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that we’ve only really been monitoring this seriously for 100 years.  Let’s ignore for the moment that scientists assure us that the earth has repeatedly gone through cycles of heating and cooling – sometimes to extremes.  I don’t know many people who would outright deny that temperatures have been getting warmer, though they might acknowledge that within the context of either of the two facts just mentioned.  But I do know people – myself included – who are not convinced (based on the two facts mentioned above) that mankind is the source of this warming and therefore the solution to it.  
Happy Friday, everyone!

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