What Do You Think?

A belated thanks to Lois for this article link.  It’s a post-election, biased (the Republicans hardly received a “drubbing”, based on the closeness of the actual vote – not the electoral college votes)article on where different conservative candidates stand on the issue of the age of the earth.  

This might seem like an odd thing to focus on, but it is being used (in this article and elsewhere) as somewhat of a litmus test for rationality.  The author of this article asserts that “science education advocates” – whoever and whatever that means – feel that conservative candidates who won’t endorse the theory of evolution and the associated timelines are either “pandering” to their political base or genuinely stupid, unwilling to embrace “basic scientific principles”.  Both are disconcerting to these advocates.  No counter-point is acknowledged or provided.
We’re being faced with a Copernicus-esque sort of situation here.  By “we”, I mean primarily Christians who reject evolution, and are willing to question some of the “basic scientific principles” that science “advocates” clearly think cannot be questioned.  Copernicus was chastised by the Roman Catholic Church for suggesting that the earth was not the center of the universe, but rather the sun was.  Frankly, I find Biblical statements on this issue far more tenuous than those on the nature of the creation of the universe, so it is not surprising that for rank and file Christians who believe the Bible to be a special book and therefore to be trusted more than other books, the issue of evolution and corresponding efforts to date the age of the world is going to cause some issue.
The assumption is growing that anyone who questions scientific consensus on the age of the world, and also the theory of evolution, is not rational.  It won’t be left any longer to be a matter of private faith or personal belief.  It is not going to be accepted that some people are left unconvinced of the allegedly airtight evidence backing up evolutionary theory with correspondingly massive time-frames.  In articles such as the one referenced above, the implied conclusion is fairly obvious:  irrational people who deny evolutionary theory and associated dating assumptions on the age of the earth are not fit to be leaders.  
Is this a reasonable argument to make?  Why or why not?

2 Responses to “What Do You Think?”

  1. william b Says:

    Reasonable? Shouldn’t science be, observe, test, repeat? I don’t see any of that in evolutionary theory.You can’t use it to make any predictions. Successful science has a name. It is called ‘engineering’. Has evolutionary theory led to anything remotely like that? How scientific is it really? I don’t know, but let’s call it what it really is. A not so veiled attempt to paint Christians as idiots. I’m wondering should we throw out all the scientific discoveries made by Christians since they are all anti-science? At least high schoolers wouldn’t have to fear Calculus anymore. It also mirrors what has been done for years in trying to discredit the Bible especially the Old Testament. And once you do that the whole thing comes tumbling down. Once you give up creation where does it stop? Global flood? Scientific consensus says? No. Parting of the Red Sea? No. God comes by delivers 10 Commandments, Israelites get manna from Heaven, march around Jericho get walls to fall. What say you science? Ahh, no. Now here is the thing. especially for Christians who would discount the Biblical creation account in favor of billions of years and evolution. What is the ‘scientific’ consensus on say the Virgin Birth, water into wine, walking on water or raising the dead.I’m thinking the consensus on that is also a big fat no. So let’s just cut to the real question. Do you believe Christ died for ours sins was crucified dead and on the 3rd day rose again? And if you believe God can do all that, could He not create the world in 6 days?
    While we are on the subject why is it so important for people to insist that kids in school must learn the theory of evolution? Most kids in public schools are not even functioning at grade level when it comes to math, science and reading. How many 12th graders do you think can balance a check book or know the value of compound interest? Yet it is imperative they be taught a theory that will be of absolutely zero use to them no matter what career field they choose.

  2. Paul Nelson Says:

    Preach it, brother

    However natural selection & evolutionary theory may have began, what it has become is a religion of its own.  You must accept this.  Is the evidence scattered and far from compelling or complete?  No matter.  We have enough to go on and take by faith that we will be vindicated in that faith.  

    I find it interesting that as critical as many secular humanists/atheists are of religious folk and our intolerance for one another (whether within our own faith or across faith borders), they are equally vitriolic with those in their ranks who don’t conform.  Have your doctorate but still aren’t convinced about evolution?  Good luck getting a job.  Not convinced that man must be to blame for global warming?  You must be an idiot and your opinion must be discounted.  There is a ‘true faith’ in science and those who are not compelled by it are shouted down and out.  

    Yes, it is interesting what a fundamental issue natural selection and evolution have become in education, when there is so much concern that kids aren’t able to read or add.  I was taught natural selection in public primary & secondary schools.  What impact does that have on my day to day life?  Nil.  It has never been necessary for any of the work I have done or any of the courses I have taken or taught outside the life sciences arena.  But what it does do is shape a view of the world and of humanity that can infuse everything else in my life, all of my assumptions about myself and others and the universe around me.  We’re fooling ourselves if we think that the real issue is science or natural selection or evolution.  The real issue is fundamental world view.  

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