Lutheran Fame

No, not mine.  

One of the blog’s I scan daily and appreciate for its intelligence and theological astuteness is Dr. Gene Veith’s Cranach: The Blog of Veith.  I sometimes use topics that he is addressing or sources that he is citing as inspiration for my own take on things, but I try to avoid it.  He’s much smarter than I am, and more eloquent.  Most of the time, it seems silly to try and add to what he has already said.
Today he announced that he has agreed to have his blog hosted by, a multi-faith site full of blogs and articles on any number of different faiths.  He retains full control of his content, and he is likely to see some compensation for his troubles.  He asked his readers if this was OK with them.  
I read the comments with hesitation.  Lutherans are, after all, a pretty insular lot.  For being the original evangelicals, we prefer people to come to us to talk rather than us going to them.  We tend to publish in our own circles rather than seeking a voice in the larger marketplace of theological contributions.  Would Veith’s readers echo that insularity, or wish him Godspeed in the dreaded task of making the Gospel known to a larger group of people?
I am happy to say that, as of writing this, all the comments have been positive.  Nobody has weighed in to warn of the dangers of syncretism by being associated with a non-Lutheran site.  It’s good that people understand that our goal is to communicate the Gospel to anyone and everyone – no exceptions!  That will require us to rub shoulders more with the world around us.  This is a good thing, and I wish Dr. Veith the best.  

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