Case Dismissed

Still recovering from a bout of some sort of nastiness yesterday – possibly food-poisoning-type-nastiness, I’m deciding to opt for a less intellectually rigorous post today.  Or perhaps that’s my typical kind of post?  Hmmm.

I saw this little news item about a mixed martial arts fighter having a vandalism case against him dismissed.  He broke into a church, sprayed fire extinguishers around the place and was discovered by police naked on a couch.  Yet the case against him was dismissed, and I can’t tell why.  
Was it an act of grace and forgiveness by the pastor who discovered the break-in?  Was it a legal loophole?  Was it a judge who was being lenient despite what seems like an open and shut case against the young man?  Had he arranged reparations already with the church, therefore causing them to dismiss the case against him?  I wish I could tell, but the very few news sources I could find on the issue all neglect to indicate why the case was dismissed.  I suppose he’ll be having a much happier Thanksgiving now, but I pray the church he was discovered is able to move on from this incident as well!

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