I’ll Drink to That…

A note of curiosity.  Both of the hotels we’ve stayed at so far here in Israel have a bar with a few major types of liquor and beer.  However, they don’t serve cocktails – just the alcohol straight up, with or without ice.  So my hopes of enjoying a margarita in the Holy Land have thus far been thwarted.

Tonight I decided to try one of the local liquors, a sweet, anise-flavored liquor by the name of arak.  A shot of the liquor is poured into a glass.  Then ice is poured into it.  Finally, the glass is filled with another two parts of water.  The clear liquor turns milky white with the water, which is sort of cool.  The flavor is distinctly anise.  Not my favorite, but acceptable, especially having been watered down.  The drink is similar to liquors like ouzo.

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