A Very Long Day….

I’m writing this from the lobby of my hotel in Jerusalem, Israel.  Today was filled with new sights and sounds.  But before that, there was a Very Long Day.

Flying from California to Israel is not nearly as quick & easy as it may sound on paper.  Though the day was uneventful, it was painful all the same.  Four hours to Atlanta.  Eight hours to Paris.  Another three and a half hours to Tel Aviv.  Another 30-minute bus ride to Jerusalem.  A loooooonnngg day.  I don’t have any desire to do that again any time soon, which is too bad because in another week I have to make the reverse trip.  Hopefully I’ll be better braced for it!
The strange thing for myself and my fellow travelers was having no news of the election results.  After what, six years of non-stop political discussion and lobbying for various candidates, when the actual election day came we were out of the country and coverage was non-existent.  Only as we prepared to board the plane for Tel Aviv out of Paris did I have time to fire up the laptop and find out who had won.  
Which brings me to the topic of obnoxious American travelers.  As we stood in line waiting to board the plane in Paris, this amazingly loud and obnoxious woman with a thick New York accent exclaimed how she couldn’t understand how anybody could vote for the conservative candidate.  At first I thought she was getting into an argument with some of the people in our group.  Then I realized that she wasn’t, but she was staring right past them in search of her husband who had gotten lost.  It was bizarre to hear the same invectives I’ve heard for the last six years regarding this election spouted in a French airport.  

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