How Could He?

From time to time you run into someone who claims that they could never believe in a God that allows people to die of starvation every day.  Men, women, children – people who simply don’t have enough to eat when God could so easily provide them with food.

Articles like this one are a good reminder in discussions like these that before we blame God for something, we need to take a good look at ourselves and our fellow men and women before laying the blame on God.  Sinfulness is pervasive, and it doesn’t care who dies in the process, so long as the Self is served and kept happy.  
There are those who might attempt to extend the argument – that God shouldn’t allow such people to deprive millions of others of food for their own personal enrichment.  They change the argument from God being the cause of starvation because of a lack of food, to God being the cause of starvation because He permits evil people to deprive others of food.
Very quickly – immediately, in fact – you get a God who is responsible for undoing a great portion of what we do every day.  This argument assumes that most people are good and it’s just the bad people that need to be restrained.  But where do you draw the line?  What level of evil justifies God intervening directly to prevent it and what doesn’t?  Theft and murder are pretty easy.  What about lying?  What about gossip and slander?  Pretty soon, our every thought and action is subject to God’s countermanding.  
Which is in fact, what the Bible describes.  Not a humanity that is for the most part good and just occasionally needs a kick in the butt, but a humanity that is by and large self-focused and broken and sinful.  In thought, word and deed.  By what we have done and by what we have left undone.  It isn’t a matter of just needing a hand getting rid of some bad apples.  We are all bad apples, and either the whole lot gets thrown out or something has to be done to restore the goodness to the apples.  
This is the Gospel, the entire point of the Bible.  This is what God has done in Jesus Christ.  Taken all of us – bad apples every one whether just slightly blemished or rotted through and through – and restored our health, transformed us into good apples.  Not based on us (what can an apple do to fix itself?), but because of Him.  

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