It was a successful and busy day today.  A garage sale for Gena and I, our oldest at the beach with a friend & his family, our daughter at a friend’s birthday party – a pretty packed day.  Topped off by a door-bell ring a few minutes ago, getting me up from an almost-nap to find – Mormons!  Two freshly scrubbed young men (never mind the ‘Elder’ title) interested in talking.  Woohoo!

I thought their opening pitch was interesting – they wanted to talk about Jesus Christ, and about God the Father.  And they wanted to share the good news that God the Father is speaking today through a prophet here on earth.  Do I believe that God could speak to us still today through a prophet on earth?  Sure, why not?  God can do anything He wants, right?  I thought it was interesting that this was their opening pitch, and about how the reality of a prophet on earth is good news for families.  
Well, I’ll be talking with them Tuesday afternoon.  It’s been a while since I’ve sat down with some missionaries – I’m looking forward to it!

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