Little Miracles

So about a month ago someone relieved me of my computer bag that was in the back seat of my car.  I apparently forgot to lock the vehicle one night – go figure.  There was no computer in the bag, but rather my birth certificate, my newly received passport, and tax documents for the last two years.  Kind of a perfect storm of personal data that you never want to lose individually, let alone in one shot.  

I was convinced that it was a theft of convenience, and that whoever stole the bag was hoping to score some electronics they could either use themselves or hock for some quick cash.  I was convinced that whoever it was probably was not into identity theft and probably didn’t even have the contacts with those sorts of folks to sell the documents to.  I would have appreciated it greatly if, after discovering nothing of value in the bag, they had tossed it back into my driveway.  
They didn’t.
I’ve spent the last few weeks requesting a new birth certificate so I could apply for a new passport so I could go on my first trip to Israel in November as planned.  I filled out the forms including the one reporting my passport as stolen, and was ready to submit it all tomorrow or Saturday.  
This evening the doorbell rang, and two ladies asked if I was Paul and indicated that they had found my bag in some bushes on their property.  I went round to their house, less than a 1/4 mile away, and sure enough, there was my bag.  And my passport.  And the tax documents.  Everything in fact, except for the birth certificate.  The ladies explained – almost apologetically – that their gardener had been off for a few weeks with an injured back, so they hadn’t discovered the bag sooner.  Talk about elation!  It saved me the roughly $150 to file for a new passport, and provided a huge relief in terms of the issue of identity theft.  I am so grateful for little miracles!

2 Responses to “Little Miracles”

  1. lois Says:

    I’d rank that as bigger than a small miracle; maybe not big, but at least a medium. And an answer to prayer!

  2. Paul Nelson Says:

    Small in the grand scheme of things, but great peace of mind for my family and I!

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