What’s the Point?

Thanks to Doug for the pointer to this blog site and this particular post.

I’ll say that I like the idea, or what I think the idea is:  Let’s not beat around the bush, but let’s be bold in speaking the truth.  The question is how and where we speak that truth, and the importance of quoting the next few words of that verse (“speaking the truth in love“, Ephesians 4:15, emphasis mine).  I think it’s fascinating that this verse is not talking about evangelism, but about how Christians are to be unified around truth, and that truth will be beneficial not for reaching the lost, but for building up the faithful.  
Towards that end, his first example of “Getting Right to the Point!” makes sense in terms of content.  It’s challenging self-identified Christians to compare their stance and the stance of their pastor or congregation to the stance of this author – who claims (not incorrectly) – that his stance is the right and proper and true one.  While we could quibble about semantics, we won’t get bogged down at that level right now.  The goal is to unify Christians around the objective truth of the divine authority and reliability of Holy Scripture.  Fair enough.
As such, why not just do direct mailings to local churches, rather than publish this in the newspaper?  This is an in-house argument.  While an objective truth is being proclaimed to people regardless of their faith, the clear intent of this particular writing is to address other Christians.  It would make a lot more sense to me to just directly address the people you fear are not grounded in this shared objective truth despite considering themselves Christians.  It will cost more, but it may be worth the additional cost to save some of the negative publicity (I believe there is such a thing) that it would generate in the local paper.  
It will be interesting to see the additional pieces that are created, and to hear about the response to them.  

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