If I’m Not OK, You Have to Be OK

Saw this in the local paper this morning, but this link provides a fuller article.  A bill is being introduced in California that would ban anyone under the age of 18 from receiving restorative therapy – one of many terms for a type of psychological treatment aimed at helping the patient move from homosexual inclinations to heterosexual ones.  Adults could still get the treatment if they sign a waiver acknowledging that it is ‘dangerous’.  Whatever that means.  

There are lots of things to be said here, I suppose.  I doubt I’m the best qualified to say them.  But I’m curious as to how many other forms of therapy are explicitly banned by law?  Especially regarding an issue that appears to be intensely traumatic to the exact young people that the law seeks to deny access to restorative therapy.  Seems as though if we were hoping to avoid bullying of our young people, denying them a therapy that they may choose for themselves as a means of coping with severe and traumatic internal conflict ought to rank rather high on the list.
I think it’s interesting that they had some individual testify as to the harm he believed was caused to himself by engaging in restorative therapy.  Naturally, since it didn’t work for him, it can’t possibly be beneficial or helpful to anyone.  And therefore must be banned.  
If you’re interested in Exodus International, probably the largest organization that promotes and refers people to restorative therapy, you can click on the link above.

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