Moderately Happier

That’s the basic finding of a recent study comparing the average number of positive emotions on a daily basis between actively religious and non/moderately religious people.  People that attend worship regularly are moderately happier than those who don’t.  

Not surprisingly, this article takes a rather practical approach to the whole topic.  The one person quoted in the article (a graduate student in psychology, no less!!!) expresses his surprise that religion might play a “useful function” in society.  I think his quote is in relation to another study that found that religious folks are more self-disciplined across the board in whatever they’re working on than non-religious folks.  It’s not just a pleasant personalized fantasy, the equivalent of an imaginary night-light that makes the darkness of death less unpleasant.  It can be used to make us more productive.  How comforting!
Nice to know I haven’t been just wasting time all these years!  Or perhaps more accurately, my various employers over the years should be glad to know I wasn’t just wasting time!

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