That stands for Too Much Information – a textspeak shorthand response for when someone feels compelled to tell you a lot more than you’d really like to know.  And while this isn’t a new phenomenon, it’s certainly something that happens a lot more often due to social media like Facebook and Twitter.  And this essay cutely summarizes the painfulness of living perpetually with TMI.  

It’s certainly a problem.  We don’t have the closure we used to with certain people and life stages.  Our past foibles and shortcomings can be forever part of our current psyche because we’ve allowed people from those awkward periods of our lives to continue being parts of our lives today.
This is what the essay doesn’t really address.  We do have a choice in all of this.  We determine who we will friend or not friend.  And we have the ability even to – gasp! – decide not to engage in social media at all, or to scale back our involvement.  Yes, we have the ability to lurk and creep on others in an active sense, but we can limit our exposure passively through a variety of privacy settings and controls that some social media sites provide.  
People can decide whether they’re going to use their social networking pages as business networking tools or not.  While there are some circles where failing to do so might actually hurt your business prospects, I suspect those circles are somewhat limited in scope and number.  
Knowing yourself is important.  Knowing what impacts your self-esteem and brings you down, or what you can read and view without being adversely affected ought to drive in large part your participation on social network sites.  You don’t have to accept every friend request from every person who has ever been a part of your life.
Unless it’s me.  In which case, please accept my friend request.  Otherwise I’ll be crushed.

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