What a Tangled Web We Weave

I thought this was a thought provoking blog post.  Sometimes the devil you know isn’t very comforting.  I like how the blog focuses not on the legalistic issue of divorce, but on how Gingrich appears to be dealing with it.

I keep wondering to myself, in the midst of all the political ridiculousness that everyone claims to be upset about, why we continue to argue about which of the proposed candidates for which of the existing parties we’re going to support.  Are we truly that lazy that we’re going to let the entrenched powers of self-interest continue to destroy our country?  Is there truly nothing better to do than settle for the status quo, and make our peace with the frankly disheartening quality of our potential leaders?  
I’ll admit to not even knowing where to start, but unless a whole lot of people make some starts on this, it seems quite clear that nothing is going to change.  
At least not for the better.

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