That’s What I’m Talkin’ About…

…sort of.
Not being a die-hard football fan, let alone a Broncos fan, much of the hullaballoo about Tim Tebow goes right over my head.  But I get the general gist of it.  The above clip seems to offer a few helpful things to say about much of the hype regarding Tebow’s faith.  Of course, the last bit about Mormonism isn’t kosher, so to speak.  But hey, it’s been a long time since SNL has nailed much of anything, so it’s no surprise that this skit doesn’t either.  
This goes back to my previous post on vocation.  We’re blessed and equipped to do many things by the God who created us.  That doesn’t necessitate us directly crediting any person of the Trinity for specific actions on our behalf in our vocational roles.  Doing so excessively is easily a detriment more than a help the vast majority of times that I can think of or have encountered directly.
If you’re having a good season, that’s great.  I’m pretty positive Jesus isn’t favoring your time.  Reading the playbook?  Stretching?  Those are hugely important and practical factors.  Apparently.

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