Black Thursday?

I think it’s rather ironic that one of the few bones of contention about where to draw the line to protect families is what time the stores should open for the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday.

With retailers scrambling after fewer consumer dollars, some of the big retail chains have said they will open up at midnight instead of waiting until 4:00 am Friday morning.  This means that for people committed to braving the crowds to get the best deals, they’ll need to be waiting in line by Thursday afternoon, cutting in to family time together on Thanksgiving.  It also means store employees won’t have as much of a holiday as they might have in years past.  
The line on holiday hours has been pushed for years.  It’s going to keep being pushed as long as we keep chasing the carrots of lower prices that are held out for us.  If people are really as upset about this as some claim to be, I hope they voice it with their wallets.

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