Upping the Ante

I gotta admit this is clever, though I agree with the author’s musings about how effective this is as a whole.  There’s an app that you can set up to donate automatically to a charity (or an anti-charity – a group that supports or funds something you detest) every time you hit the snooze function on your iPhone.  

As a non-morning person who has struggled to varying degrees with snooze buttons all my life, this certainly seems like a way for charities to benefit from my early morning indolence.  However ultimately this seems more a personal motivator than a motivator to helping others, and that’s disappointing.  There are lots of options for helping someone wake up who doesn’t want to.  There are probably fewer ways of stirring someone to donate to a worthy cause.  
Would this work for you?  Would you set it up to donate to a charity (thereby increasing the odds of hitting snooze again, knowing that now, it’s for a worthy cause!), or for an anti-charity (someone you despise, thus the idea of giving money to would be atrocious, thereby getting your butt out of bed faster)?  
All of which misses the first issue – you have to spend money on an iPhone for this to even be an option.

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