I’ve been sick this week.  Not lazy.  At least at this point in time laziness has not been classified as an illness or treatable by medication, so that means that I’m still relatively healthy.  If sometimes lazy.  But not this week.  Truly.

And in further testimony to my non-laziness, yesterday with the assistance of my erstwhile partner-in-crime, the first four sessions (episodes?  fits?  spells?) of our upcoming radio show were recorded.  On, incidentally, the same day that power-washing was started on our building in anticipation of an exterior paint-job.  This necessitated copious amounts of furniture moving and electronics-equipment-assembling-and-dismantling-and-reassembling.
Further testimony to the fact that I am not lazy – this week.  But I am sick.
Recording eventually was conducted in our congregation’s cry room adjacent to our sanctuary.  A nice, small space for recording.  We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and assuming that we did things correctly, I take this to mean that we’ll be motivated to keep doing it for quite some time into the future.  We’ll continue to try and update the show’s blog for additional fun and frivolity.  Hopefully our show will debut in the next few weeks!
At which point I hope to be feeling much better.  Even if more prone to laziness.

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