Any Gluttons for Punishment?

I’ve started a new blog, which I hope will be co-authored by a colleague and friend in my neck of the woods, Rev. Bob Hiller from Faith Lutheran Church in Moorpark, California.  

The blog is intended to be corollary to a radio show that the two of us hope to be launching in September.  This will be a weekly, 30-minute radio show broadcast on  This is an Internet-based radio station that reaches hundreds of listeners around the world already.  One of our major goals in starting our show up is to not reduce that number by more than 15%.
Our particular contribution will be a show called “The List”.  Each week we’ll pontificate and gesticulate on the Top Three ___________________.  Topics will vary each show.  They’ll be theologically centered, and focused on educating and equipping Christians to live in a world that is less and less Christian.  
We pray that you’ll join us for this venture.  We hope to start recording our first batch of episodes before the end of August.  Some of you have already expressed an interest in a ‘live recording’ of some sort, and that may be an option down the road when we’re more comfortable with how we do this.  If you have ideas and suggestions for the show, I hope that you’ll share them with us.  And, on the off chance that this show is helpful and interesting to you, I hope that you’ll share the word with others you think might be interested. 
If the show isn’t helpful or interesting, hopefully you’ll just forget we ever had this little conversation!

4 Responses to “Any Gluttons for Punishment?”

  1. Doug Says:

    Are the time and day of the week set yet for your show?

  2. Dianne Pedersen Says:

    Wow! I’m looking forward to what you and Pastor Bob will be sharing with us.

  3. Paul Nelson Says:

    Not yet, Doug.  When we have that information ironed out though, I’ll be sure to post it here as well as on the other blog.

    From what I can tell, at least until they get more programming, the show will debut each week on Monday, and then be rebroadcast each day of the week at the same time (truly gluttonous!).  Additionally, when they have programming gaps, their software culls through their program archives (which will begin including our shows as they air) and randomly select from that archive, which means that some of our programs could pop up at random, odd times during the week.

    I pray that they’ll get more programming options, which should hopefully drive further listeners and usefulness!

  4. Paul Nelson Says:

    You and me both!

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