Pieces of Me…

If there’s one thing that we need to remember about the Internet, it’s that we are constantly being invited to share of ourselves with friends and loved ones in a variety of ways.  Yes, we’re also being culled for marketing data, but that’s the trade-off we’ve accepted for instantaneous access to all of the piddly information we used to look up in other ways.

But very few people out on the Internet owe us much in the way of, well, anything.
So it was that this evening I logged into Facebook to update the list of books I’m currently reading, only to be met by a cutesy screen indicating that the application I’ve been using for five years or so to track my reading, write reviews, and generally waste time, has been discontinued.  They indicated that they understood how important my data was to me, and they had given me 30 days to save it.  But that 30 days was up last Friday.  
Never mind that I never received any sort of message or e-mail or FaceBook alert or anything else to tell me that this application was preparing to get yanked offline – along with all my data & reviews.  There’s nothing to be done now.  Nobody to appeal to.  It’s just – gone.
Frustrating, but a good reminder that this is the nature of the reality we construct on the Internet, or the reality that is constructed for us.  None of it is very real, or very permanent.  Surf accordingly.

2 Responses to “Pieces of Me…”

  1. justine Says:

    Just catching up on your blog after ignoring you (and a lot of other things) this summer.

    This stinks. I’m feeling your pain.

    Thanks, as if I didn’t have enough pain to feel already today….


  2. Paul Nelson Says:

    It’s a small thing, yet frustrating.  I mean your pain, not my loss of book reviews. ;-p

    Good to have you back!

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