You Don’t Say?

Two interesting articles today in light of the current fiscal crisis and Congressional debacle gripping our nation.

The first is an editorial by Warren Buffet – yes, that Warren Buffet – making the argument that it’s OK to tax the rich and that they’re willing to do their part to help our country out of this financial mess.  He recommends increasing taxes on the nation’s wealthiest people. Gotta admit, it makes a whole lot of sense, though he doesn’t run the numbers to demonstrate whether a slight tax increase on the wealthiest people will make much of a difference.
The second article has the CEO of Starbucks calling on other CEOs and companies to cease all donations to all political candidates until they work together to come up with a truly bi-partisan plan for improving our economic situation.   Once again, makes a whole lot of sense, since this is going to hit candidates right where it hurts the most, which should ensure a more wholehearted response than the vague threat of dissatisfied voters.  

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