Is This the One Step Forward or Two Steps Back Part?

Short blurb in the Los Angeles Times about the mandatory free contraceptives under the new universal health care legislation.  These are to be so free, that there won’t even be a co-pay required for them.  Not just the preventative kind, either.  Morning after pills are also to be covered, gratis.  Courtesy of all of us, whether we like it or not.  

What I find particularly ironic as I adjust my budget to yet another batch of recent premium increases by my health insurance provider is that contraception is just one free service of several that all insurance companies are now mandated to provide, thus increasing costs on everyone in their systems.  One of those additional free services listed at the bottom of the article is counseling regarding sexually transmitted infections.  I find this hugely ironic.  By insisting that sex without the consequence of pregnancy is moral for every woman, (since so many people easily confuse what is legal with what is proper, and also what is free with what is proper), we now must also subsidize additional assistance for just one of the many issues that contraception doesn’t take care of – STDs.  In other words, we’re all subsidizing not just one but two programs so that people can have sex.  
And don’t forget that we’ll also be sharing in the costs for the treatment of STDs.  It would seem to me that if we’re so concerned about costs and budgets and whatnot, rethinking our insistence on sex free of any consequences except higher costs to everyone (whether they’re having sex or requiring contraceptive devices or not) might be a good place to start.  Just another reason I am not, and never will be in politics, I’m sure!

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