Now You Tell Me?!

Being more than a bit trepidacious about my lack of in-depth political savvy, I’ll admit that up until now I’ve tended to favor the Republicans who are demanding accountability and cuts in government spending and resisting demands by the Democratic party to raise the debt ceiling.  In my scanning of headlines, this has invariably been portrayed primarily in partisan terms.  Those awful Democrats just want to tax and spend.  Those mean Republicans are being unreasonable and holding our nation hostage.  It gets old, fast, because it isn’t very informative.  

Without taking time to comment on the relative accuracy of Republicans being mean or Democrats being awful, I found this little tidbit of information very interesting.  Both Republicans and Democrats have raised the debt ceiling in the past.  Reagan did so 18 times.  George W. Bush did it seven times.  Obama has already done it three times.  In other words, it is hardly a practice without precedent, it has been the sitting president & his party that has had to take the heat for asking to increase the debt ceiling, and whichever was the opposing party invariably criticized it.  The Democrats have vigorously opposed raising the debt ceiling under Republican presidencies.  The Republicans have vigorously opposed raising the debt ceiling under Democratic presidencies.
For me, this clouds the matter further.  And I’m far more inclined to feel that the Republicans are grandstanding, even while I wholeheartedly believe that we must begin trimming government spending significantly, as going indefinitely deeper into debt seems to make no sense at all.  
I just wonder why this basic fact hasn’t been front and center all along in the news?  Or have I just missed it?  

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