GMO Code

I haven’t been able to absolutely confirm this information, but I haven’t been able to easily disprove it either.  So I’ll put it out here for your consideration.  

This link provides information (possibly) on how to identify genetically modified foods (GMO or GE, for geneticaly engineered).  Basically, if you buy produce regularly you may have noticed that the little stickers on the produce have a number on it.  Since we have bought roughly 15 metric tons of bananas since our kids were born, I know that the banana PLU code (Product LookUp) is 4011.
According the link above, GMO/GE foods have an eight (8) as an additional prefix.  So a genetically engineered banana would have the PLU sticker code 84011.  
Likewise, organic produce has a PLU prefix of nine (9).  Therefore, theoretically, an organically grown banana should have a PLU code of 94011.  
Can anyone verify or disprove this information?  

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