The Detritus of Madness

If you’re interested in owning a part of twisted history, the United States government is auctioning off several lots of personal effects and items owned by the Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski.  If you want to see what is being sold off, you can see the various auction lots on flickr.  Included in the auction are the hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses that were used in the FBI sketch of the Unabomber.  

The US Marshals program indicates that the proceeds will go towards compensating Kaczynski’s victims.  It still seems a little weird.  Kaczynski has been fighting the auction for several years, incurring additional legal expenses which are borne by you and I as taxpayers.  It would seem that even through incarceration the Unabomber is working to damage the system he spent his free life fighting.  
Would you bid on something like this?  Why or why not?

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