Current Reading

I need to take a moment to thank one of my readers, Lois, who lent me a book a few weeks ago called Christian Reflections, by C.S. Lewis.  If you want to order a copy, you can do so through  I’ll also apologize to Lois, since I have yet to return the book.  She lent it to me because of the last essay in the book, but I started at the beginning of the book and have been mesmerized ever since.  I’ll get it back to you soon – either when I finish the book or when my copy arrives

This is a collection of essays by Lewis on a variety of topics.  Some relate to Christianity and culture, one relates to the question of Christian ethics, another deals with the issue of subjectivism and relativism.  It’s just good solid reading from an immensely intelligent man of very humble faith.  Even though I’m only into the third essay, I strongly recommend the book for anyone interested in a fairly cerebral but not unreadable collection of some of Lewis’ thoughts.

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