Not My Type

Hard to believe, but the typewriter is dead.  Well, sort of dead.  Maybe not as dead as it seemed to be a few days ago.  But still.  Not doing well at all.  

I’m quick to share that, despite some very good teachers in some really fascinating classes in high school, hands down the most useful course I ever took was a semester of typing.  I learned on a manual and moved up to an electric.  It’s a skill I’ve used every single day of my life – pretty much literal truth, that – for at least the past decade.  It’s been a part of my weekly life probably since high school.  It saw me through high school journalism work, college papers, and into a variety of writing projects that continue to this day.  While I wouldn’t be caught dead using a typewriter these days, I mourn their passing.  Or at least their near, almost sort-of passing.
I average 100+ wpm, and will stick with full-sized computer keyboards for as long as they keep making those.  

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