Heaven is for Real

I haven’t read Heaven is for Real yet, but I have a copy of it at home and it’s next up in my reading queue.  This article describes some of the controversy the book has raised, though it doesn’t spend much time on it (do we honestly expect any more out of USA Today?).  

A 4-year old boy nearly dies from a burst appendix, miraculously survives and claims to have been in heaven for about three minutes.  Read the article for other salient facts.  
The few objections the article mentions are typical.  Of course if you are predisposed to thinking that the nature of reality has been fully mapped, explained, and predicted, the very idea of heaven is going to sound preposterous.  However calling people stupid is hardly a credible argument against something like God or heaven, even if it has become both popular and perhaps even effective in cowing Christians into silence.
Have any of you read this book yet, or do you plan to?  I’ll share my thoughts when I finish it – hopefully you’ll do the  same!

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