One for the Books

The California state senate has approved a measure that would require public schools in California to include special units on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) contributions to history and culture.  Here is a short news clip on the topic.

Note how Mr. Selberg of the Pacific Pride Foundation talks about the purpose of the bill – as a means of discouraging what?  Bullying.  Yup.  As I predicted almost six months ago, bullying continues to be the smoke screen and rallying cry for pushing through LGBT-friendly agendas and materials in all sorts of areas.  
It’s odd, but I don’t ever remember talking about the sexual orientations of certain figures in history.  I mean, for some, it was obvious.  If Henry VIII was a closet homosexual, he did a good job of covering up for it with multiple wives and splitting off from the Catholic Church and stuff like that.  But on the whole, the sexual orientation of historical and cultural figures wasn’t an issue.  It hasn’t been an issue requiring specific education for probably all of human history.  Until now.  Now, we need to specifically highlight the contributions of this tiny percentage of the population, so that they don’t feel “isolated”?
If we’re going to note sexual preferences in social studies, I should think it would make LGBT students feel even more isolated when they are shown what a tiny percentage of historical figures were probably LGBT.  But then again, this isn’t really about LGBT students.  Rather, it’s a way of indoctrinating students as a whole into accepting LGBT issues as an equal part of everything.   Hopefully voters will be as strong in voicing their opinions about the lawmakers who approved this come election time as they were in voting on Proposition 8 a few years ago.  

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