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There are some great tools out there for studying the Bible and dabbling in Hebrew and Greek.  While these are not my strong suites by a long shot, I sometimes like to be able to look at them just to see how the literal wording is in the original language.  Also, I enjoy having more than one translation of the Bible available, so I can see how the NIV translates something and how, say, the ESV does.  

I have a delightful couple in my congregation that I call on every two weeks.  On my last visit with them, they shared this website that their son has put together.  It allows you to compare different translations of the Bible, as well as to examine the original languages.  While the default Greek language option they have is not the best, they do offer a better one, but you have to specifically request it.  Their Hebrew language bible is the same version I used in Seminary.  You can do word studies on the Greek or Hebrew words, and these are all cross-linked with the most common lexicons.  
For a long time I have used e-sword as my default, for-free, comparative Bible study tool.  The nice thing about e-sword is that it provides additional resources as well (either for free or for purchase).  But Great Treasures may become my new go-to option.  There are more robust options if you want to pay a few hundred dollars, which I don’t.  As well, if you’re just interested in quick access to different translations, another browser-based option is the website  

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