Feeling Lonely?

Of course this is coming.  Since people have become so used to online avatars that they control all the aspects of, it’s only reasonable that even in the realm of quasi-realistic online avatarism, Facebook, people would want to create not just a carefully filtered online persona of themselves, but in certain cases, of someone they want people to believe they are in a relationship with.

Yep.  A company is preparing to launch that will take customer input regarding the ideal qualities their boyfriend or girlfriend would possess (if they had a boyfriend or girlfriend), and this company will generate this person and create a Facebook account for them.  Then the customer will be able to friend them, indicate a relationship status, and then interact with them as they do anyone else on Facebook (presumably the customer controls the responses as well?).  I would imagine that at for a premium fee, a company of this sort would even offer to provide photo editing services, so that both the pretend boy/girlfriend as well as the customer could be posting photos of the themselves.  Together.
If porn is the abstraction and virtualization of sexuality, custom-made to order to whatever tastes the consumer has, then this would seem to be the abstraction and virtualization of relationship.  The net results in both would seem to be the same – a wider and wider wedge driven between the idealized nature of virtual intimacy (physical and emotional) and the reality of intimacy with another human being (physical and emotional).  If anyone imagines that this can possibly spell anything good in the long term for people’s continuing difficulties in adapting themselves to the real world, you’ve got to be living pretty deeply in fantasy yourself.  Dictating and demanding that every aspect of another person be exactly as you’d like them to be is creating a fantasy world that isn’t easy to step away from should you actually meet another human being that you’d like to be in a relationship with.
And this service would seem to create another problem – if you’re already in the ideal relationship with someone doesn’t exist, how do you actually meet the person you’d like to have a real relationship with?   Even if you happen to meet that person and they express mutual interest, I feel sorta bad for them.  They’re competing against a standard that is impossible to measure up against.   That’s gotta be pretty lonely – for everyone involved.

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