Thanks to Dr. Veith over at Cranach: The Blog of Veith.  He recently noted an article about a recent decision by the University of California Davis to define religious discrimination specifically as discrimination by Christians against non-Christians.

The school has recently rescinded this policy when two dozen Christian groups lodged a formal protest.  
So, to summarize, some of the smartest people in our country, charged with educating future generations of leaders & citizens in our country, got together and decided not simply that this was a good working definition for religious discrimination, but felt so strongly about the fact that they had hit the target squarely in the bullseye that they published it on their website and decided that this was going to be official school policy.  The epic nature of this insanity is truly intimidating.
Universities are the places that we aspire to send our sons and daughters to be educated, molded, and shaped into productive citizens of our local community and the world.  I guess we can rest assured that they are certainly being molded and shaped.  The question is, is this the mold and shape that we believe is healthiest, best, and truest?

4 Responses to “DiscrimiNation”

  1. Snowysports Says:

    in your country is switching to winter time?

  2. rsmolders Says:

    Why nobody responds to Comments?

  3. Donscience Says:

    I have no friends

  4. Silverhammer Says:

    Very amusing thought, well told, just do everything laid out on the shelves:)

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