Raised from the Dead?

This ought to start a flurry of howls from certain quarters.  It is very possible in Illinois that the moment of silence that was done away with years ago might be reinstituted in public schools. 

The practice was eliminated after a law suit that evolved into a class action suit, started by one atheist family claiming that a moment of silence at the start of the school day was a violation of the Constitution’s separation of church and state amounting effectively to the promotion of religion.  Never mind that there was nothing in the law that stipulated what the moment of silence was for.  Apparently everyone knows that the only thing you can do with a moment of silence is pray, and we can’t have that.   
Each school district will need to interpret what this means, if it actually happens.  That includes determining the logistics of when the moment of silence occurs and how long it is.  The article notes varying attitudes towards the law, and therefore towards the length of the silence if it indeed becomes mandated again.
This article notes that the ban on the moment of silence was not universal – during moments of mourning or crisis it was observed.  This article provides a brief overview of the practice of holding a moment of silence – particularly in the wake of tragic events.  I wonder that the opponents of a moment of silence in schools are not filing lawsuits or lobbying for the elimination of the practice by our President.  Surely just as a school is not allowed to push for anything vaguely resembling a religious practice, our President would be held to just as high a standard?
But if there has been an outcry against the practice as being too religious, or not rational enough, it isn’t making the press.  It seems clear that a great majority of people – both religious and non-religious – find that a moment of silence is appropriate under certain conditions, and can engage in it without feeling as though they have been brow-beaten into a belief system they otherwise condemn.  I find it ironic then – or more saddeningly not ironic – that schools are expected to beat this idea out of people’s heads by banning it under penalty of law.  

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