An Oldie But a Goodie

Something a bit lighter, after yesterday’s Christmas downer entry ;-p

Courtesy of The Onion, of course.
But being unable to insert some sort of meaningful theological insight here…
Part of the cool thing about Lutheran theology is that it embraces the freedom we have in Jesus Christ.  Grace and peace, as the Apostle Paul seemed to think was particularly fitting to send to his readers.  Grace to fulfill the Great Commission in an almost an astoundingly wide variety of ways, and peace so that we needn’t spend time being afraid of whether or not we’re doing it right or not.
Tragically, our human propensity for Law as opposed to Gospel often wins out.  Churches that ought to be great big ol’ sparklin’ ornaments of grace and peace in action too easily become places where grace is replaced by tradition or fond memories of the past that evolve into shackles on the present and future, and where peace is lacking as people fret over why what was so meaningful in the past to them doesn’t seem to have the same appeal or allure to people today.
The truth has set us free.  We should be free, rather than requiring Jesus himself to endorse our every little decision in this life!

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