What a Long, Strange Trip (It Ain’t Gonna Be)

California recently rejected a proposal to legalize growing, possessing, and using small amounts of marijuana.  While this is heartening, it’s hardly the end of the story.  Everyone knows that these days if you don’t like the outcome of a vote, you either try to overturn it in court or force another vote.  Eventually, people win by apathy and wearing down their opponents.  Ain’t democracy beautiful?

While I’m not sure that many people really believe those who argue that marijuana should be legalized specifically because of the medicinal benefits it seems to have, there’s a new twist in this quasi-legitimate front of the marijuana legalization war.  A scientist is researching how to utilize the medicinal qualities of the marijuana plant while removing the psychoactive elements.  The goal would be to provide weed that helps medicinally but doesn’t make you high.
One would think that this would be hailed as a great step forward by the medical marijuana supporters.  That remains to be seen, though the initial comments on the story above are rather telling.  As is this editorial in the same publication.  Trust me – I’m no fan of pharmaceutical companies, and I generally endorse a natural approach to health and life.  Except where it requires legalization of a gateway drug.  

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