Not Much of a Carrot, But a Hell of a Stick


Watch this .  
Once again, I’m all for conservation.  It’s a Biblical principle.  But there’s much more behind the current push to change people’s energy-consumption habits.  A push, by the way, that generally involves having people replace existing goods with more eco-friendly goods (which leads one to wonder, if you already have a light bulb that is working perfectly, how environmentally sound is it to require another light bulb be manufactured to replace it, and having the existing light bulb thrown into the land fill?), and that by and large shifts the cost and responsibility for eco-friendliness to individuals rather than massive corporations and businesses.  A push that generates a demand for a certain product line.
So, should we be eco-friendly?  Without a doubt.  Should we be concerned about the fervency (or would fanatacism, or perhaps fundamentalism be better terms) of certain eco-extremists?
Just maybe.  

3 Responses to “Not Much of a Carrot, But a Hell of a Stick”

  1. JP Says:

    How did I not hear about this until now!? Unbelievably irresponsible. Thankfully the public has pretty much condemned it (, and 10:10 has issued two apologies ( and ( It should not have taken two apologies–the first was flippant and lame.

    I hope this fiasco increases the public’s awareness that both sides of any given issue have the propensity towards irresponsibility in communicating the message, and that the methods of one are not necessarily the methods of all.

    I still can’t believe that film got approved.

  2. Paul Nelson Says:

    Agreed – the initial apology was quite flippant.  And the fact that it was approved demonstrates the convictions of at least some that this is a life or death issue that may or may not taking lives in order to save lives.  The second video on the page was equally disturbing, with the ‘boy’ making not-at-all-veiled threats about how he/they would handle things when they come of age.

    Combine this with children spending 8+ hours a day in state run schools (for the most part), and the potential for very real, very dangerous ideological pre-formatting is rather chilling.  I’m not given to wild conspiracy theories in general.  But just because one doesn’t choose to believe in conspiracies or refuses to see them where they can’t clearly be seen doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  Only the most amateur of conspiracies are discovered prematurely.

  3. bioxWepe Says:

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