House Keeping

Traffic at this blog site is up, something that’s a pleasant surprise.  Welcome to any and all of you silent readers out there – I look forward to getting to know you as you (hopefully!) feel led to morph the monologue into a dialog!

From time to time, and with increasing regularity, I get comments posted to entries – usually older entries.  The comments are usually very brief (less than two sentences), and very vague (this is an awesome site).  I believe that these are spam entries attempting to generate traffic back to their own, unrelated web sites and services, so I haven’t been publishing those comments.   I always publish comments that appear to be directly related to an entry and are from people that I know are readers of the blog.  I don’t wish to publish comments that aren’t from real people or are from spammers.
If I’m in error on this, and it is actually a reader who is posting these, please drop me a line and introduce yourself and I’ll be sure to post your comments in the future.  In the not so distant past I could count my readers on one hand (with fingers to spare), and now it appears that I at least need two hands.  To God be the glory, and I’m glad if my musings are interesting or at least helpful in curing insomnia and/or constipation.  We all have our roles to fill.
Regardless, it’s good to have you along for the ride.

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