Welcome Back

I think this has been my longest hiatus from this blogging effort for close to two years.  Motivation has been markedly absent in the past few months.

Some of this is personal.  My family has been on a five-month long road trip across America, and time and ability to be consistent in posting has been lacking.  I’ve been praying about and trying to discern a job opportunity since the beginning of April.  This has recently resulted (miraculously, in many ways) with me accepting a Call to pastor a congregation in Southern California.  There have been ancillary issues of finding a place to live, ruminating on how to begin, where to go with things, what sort of vision to pursue for the place.  Life has been unsettled in many ways.  Beautiful, wonderful, blessed.  But unsettled.
Some of the other issues are more a matter of vision and purpose with this blog.  Why am I doing this?  Who am I reaching?  How integral is this to who I am and what I want to do and be as a pastor, theologian, philosopher, etc?  If I’m not interested in doing the things necessary to promote this blog to a wider audience, should I continue it at all?  Is my aversion to self-publicizing a matter of laziness, humility, or stupidity?  
Other issues are logistical.  The hosting for this site does not provide me with the ability to do what I first envisioned – creating a place where other people can participate actively in the dialog, to build a place where people can come together and have a voice that is not in isolation but nuanced and couched and buoyed by the voices of other people who care  about similar things.  Building a virtual community has proven to be as elusive as building a physical community once turned out to be, and that’s a bit frustrating.
So, lacking any tangible answers, I’m endeavoring to get back into the saddle even as I scout another horse – or perhaps just a different saddle.  If you have thoughts you’d like to share, I’d like to hear them.  Otherwise, we’ll see where all this takes us over the next six months to a year.  Hopefully it will be worth your time, and mine, and hopefully it will benefit you as it has definitely benefited me.  

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