It Ain’t Over Yet

Although the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) made a lot of headlines last year about this time in terms of it’s decision to be more accepting of homosexuality in general and in it’s pastors, there are other issues that are threatening the unity of other mainline denominations.

The Church of England is facing a very real schism as it struggles to come to grips with whether or not women should be installed as bishops.   Traditionalists in the denomination vehemently disagree with the drift of the denomination in this direction, while others are equally vehement that this must be allowed.  
Once again, the modern – and erroneous – assertion that equal must mean identical is wreaking havoc, and nobody seems to be able to address the underlying assumptions of those pushing for complete gender inclusiveness in all levels and positions of church polity.  If only as much time was spent on figuring out how to remain Biblically faithful and at the same time respectful of both genders and the contributions they can bring to a community of faith, perhaps these sorts of schisms wouldn’t be necessary.  

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